Windowfront of Awards Unlimited building with pink flowes in foreground

Every company has a story – and if only these walls could talk. 

What started as a commercial bakery, then transformed into an aquarium shop, is now what Awards Unlimited Inc affectionately calls home… And our history is as unique as the people we serve and the products we supply.

The first edition of Awards Unlimited Inc was founded in 1978 as a small community-serving awards and recognition company in Lafayette, Indiana.  It was shortly after its founding, in 1983, when a young lady named Stacey Shirar began her employment at the company.  Working up through (and often simultaneously in) every department of the budding company – production, sales and engraving – Stacey eventually earned her way up to General Manager.  But it was her passion for and belief in the future of Awards Unlimited that ultimately led her to make a huge decision that would forever alter the path of AUI and the nature of her involvement with the company.  In 1996, now Owner and President Stacey J Shirar purchased the company, and it has been under her leadership ever since.  Through Stacey’s vision, Awards Unlimited Inc upped the ante in customer service and satisfaction, establishing relationships reaching from coast to coast and expanding its business into uncharted and exciting new territories.  But more about her elsewhere.

Maintaining Exceptional Relationships for Over 35 Years

We are proud to say that throughout our 35+ year history, we have earned numerous contracts and have maintained exceptional relationships with many universities, institutions, corporations and municipalities over the years – both locally and nationally.  Perhaps none more important to Awards Unlimited’s rapid growth was establishing our now outstanding relationship with Purdue University, obtaining collegiate licensing and earning preferred vendor status – something very few awards and promotional product companies have achieved. 

It is also of important note that we are a Certified Woman-Owned Business Enterprise.  We see this not as an advantage in the industry, but as a responsibility.  Encouraging us to carry our business with an exceptional level of professionalism and integrity.  This is something we take great pride in and consider it a great moment in Awards Unlimited’s history.

Always Improving

Always looking for new opportunities, implementing new technology and exploring new procedures to ensure greater efficiency and customer service, Awards Unlimited has established itself as a cornerstone of its community and positioned itself to be a strong force in the industry for years to come.