Obtaining Your Order

As mentioned earlier, all of our in-house products are ready for pick-up in store or for UPS shipment in 3-5 business days.  We do provide a courtesy phone call or email to the customer when your order is ready for pick-up or when the order has been shipped.

Shipping is no problem and we use UPS to ship all of our orders.  Costs will vary and is based on several factors, namely the product(s) in your order, where they are shipped, and how quickly you need them to ship.  We are more than happy to estimate shipping costs for you, and make recommendations on the most economical and efficient way to ship.  Please contact a sales associate for this information.

Absolutely.  It just takes some planning and time.  All international shipments require additional forms for customs regulations, and will take longer due to the customs clearing process.  Please make sure you allow enough time when placing your order to make sure international shipments arrive when needed.

We regularly ship orders to multiple locations.  Discussing this early in your order process will help us determine the best shipping methods and proper order timing to ensure all shipments arrive when you need them.  Additional costs may apply.

Rush orders are possible but may incur an additional cost due to expedited shipping fees, processing fees or production methods.  Contact our sales associate for questions relating to feasibility and cost concerns of placing a rush on your order.

We can easily ship on your shipping number.  However, it must be a UPS number.

100% yes.  We can package and ship your order to any address or addresses you provide to us.  This includes regional offices and even multiple facilities.  There may be additional charges associated with the packaging requirements for this option, and a sales professional will be happy to assist you with that information.