Engraving Information

Here you can find answers to some of our most commonly asked questions regarding engraving and pricing.

Certainly you can have your company or organization’s logo on nearly every item we offer!  We should note that certain items do have very limited engraving space so simple logos or type may be best suited.

Refer to the Submitting Artwork for logo requirements.

We can engrave signatures provided the signature is given to us in proper Artwork format and it is written large and clear on white, unlined paper only (see below Good VS Bad image examples).  The signature should be obtained using a thicker-tipped black pen and then submitted to us electronically.  Having the signature larger (and thicker) than usual allows us to scale the signature down to the size that can be engraved on your item.

Yes, we can surely help you word your award if necessary.  You may also browse our online Product Catalog for ideas.

Depending on the item and the production process, of course you can.  Just ask!  We want you to be satisfied with your product.  Generally proofs are completed and sent to you upon your request and can be done for a minimal fee of $5.00.  Unfortunately, there are limitations on the products eligible for proofs.   Please confirm with our sales staff if the item you are purchasing is eligible.

It should also be noted that proofs can add extended time to the production of your order.  While the time may vary, it is most determined by how quickly the supplied proof is approved by you.  This, too, can be confirmed by our sales staff.

We are happy to provide you with the opportunity to double check all spelling, information, layout and artwork on your order before it is engraved.  Who wouldn’t want perfection the first time around?

Again, not a problem, as long as you haven’t approved it already.  We want you to be able to check spelling, etc. Your award won’t be engraved until you approve your proof.  With that said, please try to limit the number of your own revisions to two.  We are happy to correct our mistakes, but multiple major changes to layout and wording means extra time for our staff and it may incur an additional cost.

We encourage as much customer participation in the design process as they like.  However, due to each item being unique, there are limitations.  When possible and / or necessary, we do like our own engravers to assist with proper font choices and sizes to make sure the award / item reads well and looks good.

Now we are getting trickier.  Items engraved on our non-laser, mechanical engravers or, yes, by hand, are more limited.  Typically, these items include giftware and specific metallics.  However, due to legibility, rubber stamps also carry certain limitations.

Items engraved on the laser or printed on promotional items are less limited, but not unlimited.  However, rest assured we can match just about any font you are looking for.  When in doubt, please consult a sales associate for specific font availability or to find our which options are available for your custom order.

Engraving Charges

Since every order is custom and requires individual set-ups, most items will incur additional engraving fees, outlined below.  Please note that some items do include engraving and price breaks for larger quantity items will be given.  Please contact a sales professional to learn what engraving discounts may apply to your order.

Plaques: 3 lines included; $3.00 per line for each additional
Acrylics: 3 lines included; $3.00 per line for each additional
Crystals: 3 lines included; $3.00 per line for each additional
Clocks: $3.00 per line
Name Badges: included in price
Trophies: included in price
Gifts and Accessories: $3.00 per line, excluding: Silver revere bowls, champagne buckets, baby cups and pewter mugs which are priced by the letter at $1.00 each and a $15 setup
Graphic logos: Logos and/or clipart can be added to your product for $5.00 per logo