Meet the Owner

Awards Unlimited owner, Stacey Shirar

Our business model didn’t come from a text book.  It has come through years of industry experience and experiment – most all of which have been under the direction of Stacey J. Shirar

Stacey explored her passion for customer relations and took a chance on Awards Unlimited and the Lafayette Community.  Working her way from the bottom to the top is something she has never regretted.

Born and raised in the outskirts of Lafayette and being a resident since the age of 19, Stacey simultaneously became a business woman, an entrepreneur and, more importantly, a wife and a mother of two children.  It wasn’t always easy, but Stacey firmly believes that having her children grow up as part of the family business was not just a great motivator for her, but an inspiration for them.  She takes great pride that both of her children are now successful business professionals themselves for Chicago-based companies and still contribute to Awards Unlimited.  Her husband, an entrepreneur himself, continues to support each and every new idea Stacey has for her company. 

When not dedicating time to her husband, children or business, Stacey enjoys the company of her furry and scaly kids!  Currently, her expanded family includes several rescue dogs – Miley, Beckham and Ozzy – and her fish, which you can visit in their aquatic home within Awards Unlimited’s showroom.  

While spare time isn’t really a word in her vocabulary, away from the shop you can find Stacey and her husband in their favorite city, Chicago, visiting their children and exploring the city.  You can count Christmas as her favorite Holiday (as evidence in the showroom from November until January!) and a relaxing dinner at a local pub as her ideal night out.